Our Core Values

We are generous

There’s a reason the Golden Rule is golden. Whether it’s going the extra mile for a client or supporting a charity, we treat others with the generosity we’d like to recieve.

We are Enthusiastic!

Your success is our success! We are sincerely passionate about helping small businesses grow. That’s why we won’t settle for less than win/win.

We Practice Honesty

Integrity is priceless. Whether our clients are watching or not, we want to do the right thing every time. Hands down. Period.

We’re all about family

Braces. College. Vacation. It’s not really about the money, it’s about family. No matter the size or flavor of your family, you want to provide for those you love. We do too.

About Our Process


  • 01

    We really want to get to know you. The more we understand your goals and working style, the better we are able to create an effective, realistic strategy.

  • 02

    Video and online screen sharing will never completely replace personal interaction (we hope). However, online meetings are efficient and effective, allowing us more time to work on execution.


  • 03

    If we are managing your digital marketing for you, it’s important to get updates on new happenings with your business. We’ll also track progress and report back to you.

  • 04

    Frequency is up to you. We recommend a phone call or screen share at least every other week, but some customers choose weekly and some choose monthly.

Ongoing Flexibility

  • 05

    We don’t lock you into contracts. Our strategy and our services will adjust to meet the needs of your business.

  • 06

    Social media is not so much about you as it is about your audience. We are constantly evaluating your audience’s reactions and adjusting to gain the best results.