The $64 Million Dollar Question

How are you reaching your customers?

And once you reach them, does your message resonate with them? The way businesses influence buying decisions is evolving. Resonate Marketing can help you keep up with the changes. The right mix of traditional methods with newer technology and social media will vary by business and target audience.

We will help you determine the best options for your company and your budget.

Starting Point 101

Too many get caught up in focusing on the technology or marketing campaign without giving due consideration to whether or not a tactic supports the highest priority company goals.

Digital Marketing Goals


Yes, you can probably find a niece, nephew, or other family member who is on Twitter all the time and is happy to create a profile for you. Just because someone is familiar with the technology doesn’t mean they understand how to leverage it to create success for your business.

Eggs Need Multiple Baskets

Just like you need a diversified portfolio, your marketing strategy needs multiple tactics. Traditional marketing isn’t dead. A great strategic plan will integrate the best of traditional and online marketing.

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Focus On What Only You Can Do

When deciding to DIY or outsource, evaluate what your time is worth and what activities in your business can only be done well by yourself. Of the activities that can be done by someone else, consider which make the most sense to keep in house according to your skill set and your prioritized goals.

small business owner

Hey, we get it. Small businesses can’t afford to hire every non-core service out. (We’re one too and face the same challenge!) Wearing multiple hats is a necessity for many. That’s why we’ll create a realistic plan given your resources and equip you with the knowledge to execute the plan if that’s the best solution for you.

DIY Support vs. Dedicated Team Member

Flexibility and bang for the buck. If those words are music to your ears, you’re in the right place!

If you decide to DIY, we have a variety of services and levels for you to choose from. One of the unique values we offer are custom “how to” videos. If we suggest a tactic and you aren’t familiar with the technology, we’ll record a step by step video for you to reference or share with other members of your team.

If at any point you decide your time is better spent on other activities, we will provide a dedicated project manager who will get to know you, your business, and your goals. She will become your online advocate and cheerleader! (Yes, you too can find yourself a cheerleader…)

No one will ever know your business like you do and no man is an island. Clichéd or not, true is true. Every solution we provide is dependent on communication with and feedback from our client. Because our goal is to build long-lasting relationships, we will always be on the lookout for suggestions and tactics that we think may have value for you. So if you are looking for someone who goes through the motions and cashes a check (why you would, we don’t know), better mosey on down the street to the next digital marketing vendor. Resonate wants to be a partner, trusted advisor and go-to resource for your business!

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market research




campaign design


social media training




Trying to keep up with ? We can help!

Consulting Services

We happen to believe love and coffee make the world go round. So here are your Starbucks sized options.


Overwhelmed and having trouble getting started? This may be a good option to help point you in the right direction. Or if you have a particular goal in mind and want specific advice on the best tactics for success, Tall may be all (you need).

  • 1 Meeting
  • Limited research
  • Results in writing
  • How to video (if needed)
  • 299.00 Investment


If you are serious about getting the best return on your investment, let’s take the time to discuss your prioritized goals, audiences and weigh all the options. Recommendations will include integration with traditional marketing tactics.

  • 2 Meetings
  • Competitor analysis
  • Platform prioritization
  • Monitoring station
  • Research 1 audience
  • 30 day content roadmap
  • Hashtag recommendation
  • 3 Profiles created/refreshed
  • 2 Campaign suggestions
  • How to videos (if needed)
  • 999.00 Investment


Energizing your employees to be online advocates for you is a very underutilized resource. We will provide you with the documentation and training you need to help your team jump on the digital marketing bandwagon. All aboard!

  • 3 Meetings
  • Competitor analysis
  • Platform prioritization
  • Monitoring station
  • Research up to 3 audiences
  • 30 day content roadmap
  • Hashtag recommendation
  • 5 Profiles created/refreshed
  • 4 Campaign suggestions
  • How to videos (if needed)
  • Content guidelines
  • Messaging guidelines
  • Employee Social Media Policy
  • 1,799.00 Investment
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