Lori Lyons, Web Designer

web designer lori lyonsLori’s professional experience has been varied starting with the classroom from teaching middle school and high school kids to corporate training to owning her own packaging company for 15 years. Her talent is organizing, marketing and “figuring out stuff.” She loves helping clients develop their online presence and be successful. It is very rewarding to see a company go from phones not ringing and doors almost closing to being excited to be in business again. This is truly success.

Specialties: Building and maintaining strong client relationships, excellent communicator, savvy marketeer, ability to look at the world/problem/project differently to bring client imaginative solutions, ability to see the big picture and focus on the small details.

Note: Lori has her own separate company also and we have partnered with her for our client projects where it makes the most sense related to the client’s needs. We love collaborating and supporting each other in many different ways. #GirlPower #SmallBusinessSupport